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neil: so many scandals, so little time. between benghazi and the irs and snooping on the reporter's thing. and the secretary sitting up private companies which may be against the law thing. we can safely say one thing. the white house is in full panic mode. now the mainstream media is on a tear. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. here is all you need to know how big the scandals are getting. jay carney isn't getting any nice questions. today picked apart like a piñata on evertonhe administration knew about constantly revise talking points on benghazi to
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why the heck it was tracking phone calls of reporrs each day, almost each hour. something new, something damning. the irs crackdown went way beyond tea parties which could explain why some commerce and want to make sure the irs doesn't get beyond the oversight into health care. like each revelation gives a new warning. trusting more government if we can't just trust government regardless of where the scanda go it is pretty clear what has already stopped, the ministrations agenda. maybe the administration itself. to rich edson and what could be the start of a very long and hot summer for the white house and you bf managing director on how the nonstop rally can stop if even some of this stuff sticks. how involved is this getting, developing, what are you hearing? >> they seemed all have hit at once.
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the administration with the response of the benghazi attack, the internal revenue service divulged targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status and yesterday the word from the department of juice that they seize phone records of the associated press reporters come administration has an offer very much respond to any of these citing ongoing criminal investigation with the ap case waiting for full inspector general report before saying much about the irs issue. for the president's agenda, the fate is with congress. lawmakers will continue their work and immigration reform and will raise the debt ceiling and of course find time to hold hearings on these issues. they could jeopardize the chances to take the house and that has serious policy implications for democrats going into the last couple of years. neil: some would tout that why
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stocks were up today, big government agenda. i cann help but notice how wall street soars to record after record, day after day inin the middle of the scandal. what is going on here, and what could disrt th? >> you would think the dow would be down 3000 points instead of another all-time high today. i think this is sort of like chemistry, it is a slow drip of negative headlines slowly eroding our trust. thus far has not inversely impacted invesrs pushing more on the micro things going on like earnings and bond yields, et ceta, but at some plenty of the wonder wonder if the average investor isn't going to be adversely impacted by this dirustful stuff coming out of washington. neil: europe told me whether republan or democrati
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present, uncertainty. the idea we can be dragged through one crisis after anoth another, addressing the debt dealing with some of these pressing issues that wall street doesn't want either party to dull around with, right? >> at some point that? could begin to impact the investors. around 2000 people responded to they felt about how 73% felt optimistic. if we continue to see these kind of headlines and stories coming out of washington, those levels will come down. neil: it is always what happens after the ft if it is a cover-up were revisiting remarks or redacting if you will, that
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is once the hearing started and that became rather pronounced and involved. does anyone at the white house realistically fear that is the kind of stuff that comes to light whether it is benghazi, the department, or do they fear these are disconnected, various events, there is nothing play off of it? >> when it comes to the ap issues and the irs issues, we are so early on the stage of all of this right now, the treasury inspector general reports to come out to find out how far up this went, saying on friday it was contained within the cincinnati office by the week and we are finding out the people in d.c. found out in january or june 2011 the current leadership knew about this a year ago, the ap story
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distancing itself from that attempting to contain each of these issues within the irs within the justice department. the problem becomes you wanto anger reporters at the white house they expect the spin, they don't want to be lied to us what we see coming out over the next couple of wes, couple of months the criminal investigation coming out will be vital to how much this will tarnish th white house. neil: one thing the ministration has going for it is a better economy than richard nixon had. none of that right now, not that we are off to the races, but that might help what otherwise could be a difficult summer. what do you make of that? >> rht now they trust corporate america and the businesses they own through the 4o1k management and companies
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like johnson & johnson, you name it. we have more faith in those management providingore services than we do our own government. maybe thats why it is making an all-time high, investors have more ust in company managent than our country management. neil: thank you very much. for now, the irs is front and ceer. especially since it is the irs having a greater role in forcing the new law until now the former governor mike huckabee saying the governme would be big trouble. now other scandals brewing at th very least stymied the president's agenda, that could be a good or a bad thing we had how do you think this plays out? >> he is in for a long summer. it is going to be the heat from the press. you take any one of these
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things, they didn't care that much about it. the irs really riled up getting them alert. th ap situation has rated over 100 employees telephone records, in the south you say sometimes you just kicked the wrong dog and what they did, they kicked the wrong dog because you go out and mess with the press and start impeding their ability to do their job as the watchdog, now you have a whole different environment i don't have the white house has ever faced a hostilepress, and they face one now. neil: to your point, don't think we've ever heard so many tough questions. normally the one f news guy. how bad do you think this really gets?
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one thing the market has been doing their r own thing, they ae convinced this really doesn't get to be watergate type crisis, but it does prevent the president from doing a lot of the things he likes to do and i know that sounds like a perverse logic, but that is my investment world and that is what my investment friends tell me. >> i think you are spot on. business is afraid of what obama can do, what he has done. obama is becoming increasingly unable to move the agenda because he is distracted. many say good,will take a breather, can go out and do some things because he will not have time to force this crazy stf down our thro. what the business world will worry about more is when he is able to go out and do these campaign stops and be effective.
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this is a president who will not have problems like a beheading, it will be the death of a thousand cuts. he won't step up, lay it on the table and say it here is everything about the associated press investigation. it is like the worst possible sisituation for this white hous. neil: very quickly, indulge this question, this is a ministering, what do you think happens? good people do bad things, in other words irs agents giving commands from above or otherwise honestly thinkhat they are doing justifies what they are doing, how does that happen? what leads people to veer om a cause to a crime?
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speak a lot of it has to do with nature and solarvery partisan politics and people truly get to believing their own press clips and they start thinking they are really, really right all the time and the other side is really, really wrong all the time. once you cross that threshold it becomes easier and easier to lose your moral compass and i think what has happened is there are people within agencies who feel they are doing the president, the country, god himself a favor by keeping these nasty people on the other sde from getting anywhere. republicans have to be careful because democrats and republicans alike have two wake up and say we are not righall the time, they are not wrong all the time and when we have that attitude we are always going get ourselves in trouble which has happened to this particular administration. they just don't think they have
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ever been wrong. neil: mike huckabee, thank you, sir. how this escalating scandal could make the health care law even harder to handle. and russell crowe plays a famous whistleblower. now here on how these scandals could smoke the administration. >> would i do it again, do i think it is worth it? i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you.
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with premium serviceike one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. neil: the irs now news that coululd make the irs six. they should be cut out of the health care law altogether and thousands of agents and tired. all l right, scotty, what do you make of this? >> this makes just as much sen
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sense, you need to have them do open-heart surgery on you. the irs never should have been charge of obamacare. the la three days of scandal coming out, who is to say these death panels may not be coming true. neil: at very least, bad timing. what do you make of this? >> this raises significant questions about the irs role in overseeing and administering obamacare. the irs is in chargef administrating the premium subsidies. one of the things that has come out is the irs targeted groups that opposed obamacare. do you want the same people who targeted those groups now overseeing t law? neil: you do, right question you don'you?
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>> i do want to say it is rotten, but there not going to force it, who will? the irs cannot afford the component of the health care laws. neil: do you feel at all weirded out by this the irs is policing it? >> they are just ensuring you are paying the penalties. what else are you going to do with them? neil: if i get compensation for the mri, that doesn't veer to the irs. >> the irs has very specific mandates of what they can and cannot police. neil: i am just saying you give somebody a little bit of power. >> are you saying we should abolish the irs altogether? >> yes. neil: that depends if the irs is watching right now. here is my worry with all of
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this, it does urge caution, righ because i think this is hopefully an unusual issue, but it is an unprecedented issue. other political parties as well have accused the irs is a secret weapon to go after its enemies. i thought we cured a lot of that with new laws, bbt the fact of the matter is the more power you give an enemy the more likely it is to do this sort of thing, that is what worries me. >> that is exactly what we want, more power in government? that's never works out. they are used as a tool of intimidation which is why they went after the tea party groups openly anti-obamacare, which really scares me going forward. at this point we have learned not only people patriots or the tea party, but also different social groups or demographics,
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so who is to say the irs we know today will not be used in the future for different things than what they are known for today. we don't trust our government. neil: peter, where is this all going? maybe despite this, maybthe idea of what one trader told me to the fact if it stymies big spenng and this administration's spending an all the better. i think that is a little simple, any time you he months if not years of big unknowns, what do you think of all of that? >> i think in general where this is going is bad news for the administration, bad news for the irs and bad news for the signature law here. it will make a political opposition to obamacare. more in a lot of ways because
11:19 pm
the organization that is charged with enforcing the mandatand the premium subsidy, two big parts of the law, under serious fire here. the behavior that is going o with the irs is outrageous. that is big trouble. >> obamacare is here to stay, even the republicans have to concede it is here to stay. neil: they say it is a little over the top. don't you think harry reid will be among those who ssy let's go through the powers we give the irs and how we prevent this in the future? >> in that case wil please takee irs shouldn't do any audits at all? are u saying the irs should not be in the business of collecting taxes? neil: the irs has trouble enough doing the job, you are defined
11:20 pm
and ordered to do. like taking a lousy worker and giving them more. >> i tnk the irs is one of the most loath agencies. what they did was inexcusable, but i don't think it will impact obamacare. neil: theyey seem li jolly nice folks to me. when we come back, all the stuff we were worried about, all of those cameras snooping on us, now it is government agencies monitoring us, all of us. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: foteaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above.
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neil: all right, don't say we didn't warn you. smile fothe camera. what do you dohen you're on the phone?
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i guess you speak more clearlyet collect information on ap reporter phones in and out of the irs going after conservative groups, you have to wonder where you go and not be followed. knowing a thing or two on this bject, the former associate deputy attorn general, yet briefly talked about this idea of the power of the government and all of it, but now it is one thing to be taped on the street, another thing to have every part about you scrutinized. it is scary. >> it is scary. the government has menace amount of power investigating people and doing something with the information they collect. that is why it is important to have a lot of conol. government policies and cot oversight. neil: at happened post-watergate? using the irs as the means to do
11:25 pm
that, a bipartisan sort of bullet point. here we are going again with the irs loose and running amok we don't know that was rogue -@agents or in those in the administration, but it is happening again, why? >> we don't want the irs or any other agency making decisions based on politics. it is one thing to make sure tax-exempt status actually meets the requirements, but it is a whole different thing for them to focus on one d of the political spectrum or the other. neil: do you think it was initially an accident so many of these type of groups, tea party groups, were popping up often at the same time. they said must have an algorithm for anybody uses patriot tea, patriotic, whatever, and up
11:26 pm
squirrels a list of just conservati groups. >> i think there was some reporting around the time of the election after the supreme court's decision that freed up the ability for corporations and unionso spend unlimited amounts on election. there was some reporting conservative roups are taking advantage of that. neil: that was a decision the president criticized during the state of the union address ironically comes back to bite him in this sense. >> there could be a rationale certain groups were trying to take advantage of this situation when they weren't entitled to it, that could be a reason. neil: at what point do you think bells should have gone off? they should have said hello, does it fit anyone these are the same type of groups?
11:27 pm
>> looking for tea party and things like that, that strikes me as not a very good way to go about th and that should raise alarms. neil: that is issue profile pro. just as bad as racial profiling. >> absolutely. neil: again, the understanding was that they were just trying to look at the safety come, the information, so that might have been a means to that end. it doesn't mean the ends justify the means. >> that i see is very different. you hear the government is investigating what reporters have been doing. devep in yemen to bomb an airliner.
11:28 pm
ap reports don't have names on them. you don't know who the reporter is the government has to try to exhaust all other investigative means to find out who in the government. neil: understood. between that and the irs thing and the services went beyond their purview to ask companies to pony up dough for publicing health care. there are a lot sliery slopes here, aren't there? >> it is differe, different issues. neil: that one i will see the bigger scheme we hadthere are some extenuating circumstances. thank you very, very much. the irs and justice department, the government agencies, where
11:29 pm
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neil: where is russell crowe when you need him? the guy russell crowe played
11:32 pm
about the famous whistleblower who detailed how the cigarette company intentionly manipulated the tobacco blend to make the productven more addictive. he was harassed and threatened for doing all of that, people forget when you are the whistleblower, the pressures are enormous. now on the phone, what he makes of all of this. you know, i am thinking about you and remembering all you went through, peopleorget what you went through at the time. what he did was amazing. at the time it wasn't so fun. maybe you can get me inside the group where this kind of behavior is accepted. what happens? >> the company i work for most certainly had a culture inside it which had one belief and understanding for the public distributed to the public and
11:33 pm
one which would be common talk on a daily basis. clearly he did not want anybody to "blow the whistle" on what was going on with the comny. i would say the ethical, moral culture within t company was t too sure what they knew with the public. what bothers me about reading about all of these issues and the ap issue is where were people with the conscious in the last decade plus in terms of inappropriate behavior, are they resistant to transparency, and is there an attitude with a wrong being done and then you do nothing about it but watch it and in that case my particular situation was one that if you aren't by standard you are just as bad as the person
11:34 pm
perpetrating it. neil: you knew something really weird was going on, that they were essentially spiking the product and they were making it even more different than it already was for a lot of folks. >> the knowledge within the company for at least five decade, they would do almost anything for that truth because of te public dogma they had and the legal positi. neil: told me in the group thi thing, some actually see no harm in what they are doing, the greater good is the greater company, keeping it around, keeping people employed, whatever its product, whatever even in the terms of enron, in the case of your old company, it
11:35 pm
was fa worse. >> they didn't want anybody to understand they would do anything to keep that dogma or mantra out. neil: whether they are rogue agents or little over jealous of the justice department, they somehow think this is something we can do because it is for the greater good. some of them hontly thk that but they slip into doing something bad. >> i don understand what is the greater good here. somebody in the organization at whatever level, i imagine given the timeline the acting irs agent, he was aware of it when he testified last week. why did he not acknowledge there was wrongdoing? neil: what if he wasn't aware?
11:36 pm
his only defense is he was clueless or ignorant. in the enron case and a lot of your bosses case they go from being hands-on and on top of every detail and ignant of the details that come up. >> once you start lying or committing a fraud, have to continue lying for ever and ever. neil: do you think this gets bigger? apples and oranges, i grant you, but do you get a sense anone or combination of these gets bigger than we know? >> werthe overzealous in terms of preventing tax-free status given what went on in 2011 or 12? was it somebody down at the lower end of the management spectrum exercising due diligence?
11:37 pm
it doesn't smell that way, but again we haven't had the report that is coming out this friday, weave not heard mr. miller's testimony, see how it shakes out. it is bother some to me the way it has come out. neil: it has a certain commonality. >> why didn't somebody say this is wrong, let's stop it. are they deliberately secretive in what they do and not have a culture of transparency? that is the problem i would ask and elected officia would have it on frid. it looks like has known about it for some time. neil: he is between a rock and a hard place. we will watch closely. it is an honor having you, thank
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it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. neil: why your next tv could be. the ipo bubble could burst a goldman sachs is picking up the slack. ready to blitz, so l's get going. gentlemen,ore networks going to mobile. delivering content on the go. dennis kneale expects others to follow because that is where the world is going. >> that is certainly true. twitter showing video of play highlights and link them into advertisements. they are in talks with comcast, nbc universal and cbs, and there
11:41 pm
is a natural affinity between television and twitter. 99% of americans now watch television with another gadget in hand. this is perfect. but there is one downside. in nielsen survey showed 53% of us who watch television with a second screen have never done any of the things the networks are offering to us to vote onne, et cetera. neil: what do you make of this? that seems to be the trend. we want the cliff notes version of life in everything we do. we don't care about the advertising. who is going to make the money here? for espn and disney, i don't know because they will be giving away content. the advertisers will be shelling out the money, but who is going to monetize that? i think we're moving in that rection. getting the content we want to
11:42 pm
our smart devices. i think there will be a lot less of twitter and a lot more of aggregators putting the information together organizing a way it is easy to comprehend. neil: one year after the ipo, they wonde so many are licking their chops. what do you think? >> so i was looking at the nasdaq site today, eight to 10 companies sted to roll out in the upcoming month. it does not mean it will rally. all of these have failed. linked in, something we have to think about. worth $20 billion but it makes less than $20 billion per year. i think we need to be careful here getting excited about
11:43 pm
ipos. in my opinion is not a bike, for sure. >> we have forgotten the facebook flop. i think this is a sign animal spirits are returning to the market despite the sluggish economy, despite overregulation, it is coming back because they have been very low for a long time. at a time when there are other alternatives. you can sell your shares if you are one of these come you don't have to do the ipo the way you did, they would go ahead and do it is a good sign. the only reason it is up is because it has been down for so long. neil: if you don't like them, gold them? for tat for bloomberg responding. >> this s is not going to ever happen, this is purely public
11:44 pm
posturing. you thought they would stray from core cap and see making money for ourselves and our clients. we want to run an update servi service, they are never going to do this, it is smacking them around. neil: i also think it is a way to renegotiate at a lot lower rate. >> i think that is probably where it is going. the way i am annoyed, i think bloomberg has to do two things. new user agreement with privacy practice in bold print and be vocal and come out and talk about the issues so we are safe as users. it does not make me feel good people are snooping on me, but they will not start with bloomberg terminal anytime soon. >> on goldman sachs, when you
11:45 pm
invest on the issue on every ge we can be betting against you, your interest are not necessarily our interest. it ain't going to happen. neil: the standard line if you're offended about your privacy being invaded. nothing really that big. he has now ticked off john stuart. that is very big. with the spark miles card from cital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce devery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call.
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>> the internal revenue service adtted today some of its ployees targeted conservative political groups. >> mother [bleep]! in a few short wes you've managed to shoin the government wants to do good things for managerial competence falls between david brent and a cat chasing a laser pointer. neil: well, it is up to mainstream media to pay attention to benghazi despite shining a spotlight on the same thing for years what does it say when administration loses credibility with john stuart on this irs snooping thing? more than you may know. what do you maae of this? >> it is not surprising john stuart is going after obama for the irs. that is basically the worst agency for oba to have a problem with because democrats will not defend them. neil: when this first came out they were targeting conservrvate
11:50 pm
groups, liberals might quietly applaud, but harry re coming out of this and jon stewart obviously it had more weight to it than i appreciated it >> reporters see this as the likelihood being threatened. the doj is complicating the relationship between the reporter. neil: there was a well-being of protection. i am not allowing it, but a lot of conservative reporters are the same one upset with "the new york times." i will say this, i think it is more of a velopment because it calls int question using a government agency, one of the most feared on a planet to tter your enemies and nobody likes it. >> the irs was leaking documents from conservatives, appcations
11:51 pm
for tax exemption, so that is incredibly dangerous. that is chilling. i know you don't think this is a very big situation with the ap. neil: i am more understanding of it than the irs thing. >> i am not going to go to the ap knowing to have a history of them snooping on their home phones, work phones. neil: you want to find out who is, mice and that security within the government. i know i am sounding out of sync, but there are extenuating circumstances. not on this. ing it to sort of embarrass you and call you out, that is never good. >> on friday we also had the white house have a secret meeting taking a handful of reporterto come talk about benghazi. some are saying why wasn't i
11:52 pm
invited? there are all these scandals adding up, benghazi, the irs and they cannot ignore it anymore. neil: how long dyou think that will last? >> it will continue to get worse. more and more leaks. neil: wehall see. in the meantime, forget about the irs snooping on you. did you hear about the iimigration belt that is doing iimigration belt that is doing all of that and on steroids? are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news is now providing answers families need.
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have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, incling risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness d morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as $15 at there's a land of restful sleep, we can help you go there, on the wings of lunesta. neil: wait until you hear about your privacy and to hear critics and tell us that is not the half of it because it not only steps up scrutiny but it is doubling the scrutiny for those who alrey legally are here. and who is not troubled at
11:55 pm
all. >> i am very troubled actually. i don't like it. i think it isthe odor is to me and on businesses and i am completely opposed. neil: immigration reform this is a small priceo pay? >> no. i am for immigration reform. i am the enigma. >> we could be witnessing a aloment of domestic policy but we have brewi is a perfect storm wiretapping of the ap and benghazi and targeting the tea party that means of general storm of public distrust is growing and with the 880 page immigration bill using e-verify to go with to the security of every betty's individual information i can guarantee one thing people will be united is t distrust of
11:56 pm
broccoli, and the administration at this point*. neil: beyond barack obama when somebody said bring me up to speed and everyone seems to be in to my staff and immigration came to mind because it turns into small business and all of our stuff and it is unsettling. >> we see it with the coleslaw and immigratn a proposal that currently makes its way to congress and the verify is a trbling provision because basically it creates a national database of every person who wants to work to the united states. that is how they check to see if you are legal or authorized or not authorized an that in turn makes employers agents of e state to enforce this for
11:57 pm
the governme it is a database you cannot do it without the government database. neil: but you want to make sure those who get the benefit are americans? >> the problem is and to nail those two are here illegally but to refinance my mortgage and have to have access to financial information as part of the patriot fax but we have been subject to these callg baxter 2002 -- back through 2002. neil: you are right about that there is a lot of stuff that with the immigration, where are
11:58 pm
going with this with the privacy invasion and charges that they're all on steroids and all out-of-control. >> if you want to cut costs we need to complete the seal the border. anything before or after will not matter until the border is sealed and no more illegals coming into the country then if you try e-verify i enough forit but to make sure it never be do we don't infringe on american and citizens as they are today whether first or second amendment rights this would infringe any chance they could get. >> so the basic trust of government has been on the government. and then gets back we don't
11:59 pm
trust them. >> we think e-verify is the perfect example why that is the case. look at the testing and the estimates and at best it works with 98 percent of the cases and will get the jobs we lost in the ression really got 6 million back. so it is 2 million more jobs so so people who are legally to work are denied? of course we have a distrust of government. >> more importantly does the obama administration really care what the american people think in the first place? it seems like water off the docks back dan bro obamacare less he thinks the american people are not that smart because we keep falling for it and holding him accountable.
12:00 am
>> this is since watergate. >> you were not even astay with. you never know what could happen. liz: "money" with melissa francis is next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here who's made money today. warren buffett and investors in berkshire hathaway, they all got plenty to celebrate today. berkshire's class-a shares, hit an all-time high, climbing more than 1%. buffett owns more than 350,000 class-a shares of berkshire. that means he made, wait for it, $660 million today. not bad. also making money, anyone who owned boeing. deliveries ofts 787 officially resumed today. japan's all nippon airways received the first dreamliner since they were grounded. boeing also won a $7 billion deal with turkish airlines for 77 -- 737 jets. boeing's stock closed at a record high

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